Delegation from Binary University of Management & Entrepreneurship Visiting CSUST

2017-11-14 11:39:16 2017-11-14




On Oct 16, a Malaysian delegation of four members, headed by Mr. Joseph Adaikalam, executive director of the board from Binary University of Management & Entrepreneurship visited CSUST, aiming to exchange views on potential cooperation between the two universities, with Mr. Wu Dilong, Director of the International Office, together with staff from the Office.

Director Wu briefed the fundamental conditions of CSUST, focusing on the strong disciplines & specialties of CSUST, the establishment of Confucius Institute, the possibility & academic mechanism of running branch institute overseas, and its feedback on the scale & quality of  CSUST’s overseas applicants. Mr. Joseph Adaikalam showed strong interest in the cooperation with School of Civil Engineering and School of Traffic & Communication of CSUST, and suggested a 2+2 academic program in this fields between us two universities.

The in-depth discussion led to a MOU of further cooperation.